When you are visiting Edinburgh, choose the time of the year wisely to make the most of your time.

Visiting Edinburgh, a city that blends the modern and young sensibilities of a superb national capital and unicity with a dramatic and historic setting. Scotland’s charming capital (and also the seat of the Scottish Parliament) is where you can find a millennia-old castle. Admire Arthur’s Seat, an imposing mountain in the heart of the town.

Not to mention the fact that it houses the biggest performing arts festivals in the world. Starting with the massive Fringe Festival, alongside the Edinburg International Television Festival, Film Festival, Book Festival. Do not miss the Art Festival, to name just a few. They are all taking place between June and early September.

Come winter, and these folks are ready to stage the grandest New Year’s celebration ever, namely Hogmanay. Enjoy concerts, fire festival events, torchlight parades, winter swims, and fun fairs lasting 4 days in a row. What a party!



Places Worth Visiting Edinburgh

Besides the many museums and parks, Edinburgh also captivates with the striking comparison of old and new. Although the Princess Street Gardens divide the city into the New Town and Old Town, so you can’t expect to see modern skyscrapers in the new part of the town. Consider the fact that it dates from the Georgian 18th century, therefore walk carefully.

A different scenario if you walk down the Royal Mile on Castlehill (from Edinburg Castle to Holyrood), where the old (the Palace of Holyroodhouse – the Queen’s official Scottish residence) and the new (the Scottish Parliament – the posh, heart-stopping new home of the devolved government of Scotland) stand side by side!



Getting There With Your Private Car & Driver

If you want to get a taste of this vibrant and amazing city, whose unique combination of sweeping elegance and history-soaked medieval wynds and tenements has rightfully earned it the reputation as one of the most compelling cities on earth, why bother taking the bus? Why endure hours and hours of crowd-packed travel?

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