Traveling around the world is a heart-fulfilling adventure for many people. Be it for business or pleasure, visiting new places, meeting new people, getting familiar with new cultures, and adding exciting episodes in your life’s show can be a rewarding experience indeed.

Your overall well-being is one of the most important factors that affect the quality and final outcome of a trip and can be jeopardised if you are at risk of falling victim to crime (i.e. robbery or sexual attack) while visiting a foreign country. To prevent that from happening, our safety experts at London Transfer Minicabs have created this guide to help you stay safe and secure when you are out at night and want to take a minicab home.

Rule #1: Always Take a Booked Minicab

It is very important to use a booked, licensed minicab. There are several apps, such as  Minicabit and Taxicode that you can download on your smartphone to help you book the nearest minicab.

Avoid getting into a minicab you have not booked, even if you have flagged it down or the driver approaches you on the street or a person with a high vis jacket and clipboard offers it to you. You may hear the driver say that his booked passenger has decided not to turn up eventually and that he is now free. Be a very sceptic.

Many travellers believe that getting in an unbooked minicab with a group of friends is safe. It may be a bit safer than if you were taking it alone but there are still risks involved. Better play it safe.

Finally, note that it is illegal to get into an unbooked minicab. If it is lined up outside the club or restaurant you are and accepts your fare with no previous booking made through a legit minicab operator, it is still breaking the law.

Rule #2: Only Trust Licensed Professionals

There are touts that wander around the most popular tourist attractions and try to get customers late at night in every big city around the globe. If you are approached by one, you will hear that they will offer you the best price for a ride to wherever you want to go.

If you decide to trust one of these people, chances are you will be ripped off with a sky-high fare. Plus, most do not even have the right insurance. Not to mention the fact that you are getting into a stranger’s car; a person you know nothing about (i.e. his name, the company he works for or whether he is licensed or not). The risk of being attacked and mugged are extremely high in this case.

If you book a minicab, you have automatically ensured the following:

  • A record of your driver, journey, and the vehicle is logged. This means that the driver can be easily traced in the event of a problem and you always have somebody know where you are at any given moment when inside the vehicle.

  • Your trip is carried out by an experienced, licensed and insured driver that drives a roadworthy car, meaning a properly insured, licensed, well-maintained and clean vehicle.

Rule #3: Take Precaution Measures

First impressions matter. If the minicab is not well presented and clean, it might be a sign that it is not properly maintained and that the driver is not interested in making a good first impression. If they can’t offer you, at least, a clean car to give you a ride, why bother giving them your money?

Some of the measures you can take when using a minicab are listed below:

  • Prefer to sit behind the driver, especially if you are travelling alone. This makes it nearly impossible for a mugger to just open the rear door from the pavement and snatch your purse (because you will be away from the kerb). Plus, the driver will have a hard time if he tries to overpower you (you are out of his direct reach).

  • If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, just get out. Pay the driver the full fare and book another minicab.

  • Always note down the emergency telephone number of the country you are planning to visit. If you are caught inside the minicab (or any vehicle) and can’t get out, call that number asap.

  • Do not share a minicab. The passenger you will share the car with might be in league with the driver and you may fall victim of crime or scam.

  • Ask for the driver’s name when you book a minicab.

All employees at London Transfer Minicabs are scrutinised to ensure they meet our high standards. We value your trust and for that we are always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with high-quality, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trips from/to the airport, your hotel room or any other place you need to be.

To book a minicab or if you have questions simply contact us and one of our friendly operators will be more than happy to help!

Kindly note that we are only operating only on a pre-booked basis.