With the second lockdown starting on 5th of November new travel restrictions are in place.

Travelling during lockdown is quite difficult with all the restrictions imposed. However,  you can still book a taxi with London Transfer Minicabs. If you need a long distance journey, or you travel for work we are at your service.  Also, if you return from a trip abroad and need to get home safely and in comfort, we offer affordable airport pickups. During these uncertain times, we offer you free cancellation if you can not travel at the time of the booking. No questions asked.

Safety tips

Our vehicles are sanitised after every trip and the face cover is mandatory while travelling unless you are exempt.

Please be informed before travelling and think of your safety and others too. Before entering the car and after leaving it, you should wash your hands for 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can use hand sanitiser. If you cough or sneeze do not use your hand, but your elbow.

You may be asked to sit only on the back seats of the vehicle. Also, you may travel only with people from your household or support bubble.

Travelling during lockdown should be only if you cannot avoid it. Nevertheless, booking a minicab may be safer than travelling by public transport.

There is extensive guidance about safe travel, which you can find it on the Government website.

We must follow the rules and listen to Government advice while travelling.

Book your cab bearing in mind that out of the ordinary times ask for complementary safety steps on your trip.

Contact us if you feel the need for additional information regarding your trip.

Please book your taxi with at least 6 hours in advance. You can contact, London Transfer Minicabs by phoneemail,  WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can try our fast and easy booking system.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash