Making a trip usually comes with a lot of enthusiasm for the new and exciting things you are planning to do at the selected destination far from home. Selecting the right means of transport to take you from the airport to your hotel room – and everywhere you need to go – safely and comfortably is a serious consideration. This includes making sure you do not get stuck in traffic and waste time, money, and, well, your patience.

There are lots of options, from hiring a taxi or a cab service to minicabs, with the latter offering enticing benefits and conveniences you should certainly consider. Right now, the overwhelming majority of tourists flying to and from London are choosing to hire a minicab for their commute. And, rightfully so, considering how cheap and affordable they are, especially for short distances.

Spotlessly clean minicabs and friendly, helpful drivers are good signs that you are dealing with a trusted company.

London Minicabs: How to Tell Hay From Straw

You need to make sure the minicab services you hire are indeed up to your high standards. Here is what makes a great, customer-centric minicab company offering airport transfers from and to all the major London airports.

1. Attention to detail

From having spotlessly clean and properly maintained and checked cars to using the shortest and less distressing route to drive you to the desired location, every detail of your transport should be well thought through to ensure maximum comfort and safety at all times.

2. Experienced & Kind Drivers

Although a Sat Nav system is definitely reliable, it is important your driver has an increased knowledge of London roads so that they can provide you with alternative routes if you happen to get caught in rush hour. That aside, a friendly personality is always a plus.

3. Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

It is the little things that help distinguish a good minicab company from a great one that doesn’t treat its customers like cash cows. Watching, for example, your driver help you load heavy luggage or bags without even asking is a sign that the company indeed cares. Although this is something that comes naturally with our drivers, it is not the norm.

4. Expert Controllers

Customer support should be provided by pleasant, well-trained staff with a good knowledge of London roads. They should be able to help you if you are having trouble with anything from your booking to a pickup point, any time of the day or night you may need assistance.

5. High-Quality Overall

From the condition and cleanliness of the cars to the way you are being treated by their staff, everything should be of the highest quality. If you have an unusual request, they should be able to address it properly so that you get the best service 24/7.

6. Easy Booking System

Ideally, you should not need to spend more than 5 minutes to make a booking. Make sure they also take care of special requests, such as having a baby/child seat. A simple and easy online or phone booking process is a good sign.

7. Transparent Pricing

This means no small letters or hidden costs. Put it simply, you should be charged with exactly the price you have been quoted. On top of that, look for a company that offers additional services at no cost. For example, at London Transfer Minicabs we do not charge extra to collect you from the airport should your flight delays. This is because our trained staff always checks on flight arrival times and arranges the drivers are dispatched on time if a customer’s flight is coming in early or is delayed. However, kindly note that if a customer insists on having their driver at the airport at a specific time, rather than allow us to arrange the driver’s schedule based on the continuous information we receive regarding your flight’s arrival time, the parking fees are a significant cost that we cannot cover. In this case, we charge 18GBP/hour spend until your flight lands.

London Transfer Minicabs has dedicated, experienced and friendly personnel both behind the wheel and at our dispatch centre to make sure your experience is the best you can have while exploring and discovering the beauties of London. Whatever your schedule is or your requirements, just email, contact us or give us a call and let us handle your transportation details the easiest, safest, and most convenient way possible.