Taxi near me

How many times did I wonder if there is a taxi near me? Often being a lazy person, I am a regular customer of the minicab companies.

Finding a taxi near me is always handy with the aid of the internet and various apps.

The law says that the minicabs cannot be hailed on the street, which means that you always have to book in advance your trip. Some companies accept asap bookings, while other works on a pre-booked basis. Always is best to book in advance if you have the details of your journey.

On weekends, during holidays and in summertime the request for minicabs is high, another reason to prebook.

In England, there are about 367.000 taxi and private hire driver licenses, as stated by Transport for London.

Total licensed taxis and PHVs by region 2018

Total licensed taxis and PHVs by region 2018

When in need of a taxi, you can surely choose London Transfer Minicabs. A very well rated minicab company, specialized in airport transfer, minicab tours, address pick up and long runs. .

Based on East London, but covering any area in London and beyond. You can book your trip via their website, via email or by phone. Remember to state any special requests you may have during the booking process. When visiting the website, you may be asked to create an account. When in rush, this can be annoying, but in fact, it takes less than a minute and it’s all for the best. Your details remain stored for the booking and if you are a returning customer, you just need your login details. This feature can be actually time-saving.

London Transfer Minicabs is your best option when planning your trip. Always adapting the latest technology, personalizing the journey depending on your needs.

Next time when I will be asked about a taxi near me I know where to search!