Stansted Airport to London

From Stansted Airport to London, there are about 38 miles and the journey takes around 1h15′, traffic depending.

Although not the busiest airport in the UK, nor the one with a central location or several terminals, it is definitely the airport more than 17 million passengers prefer each and every year! Be it for its low-cost flights or the fact that any Londoner or traveller has a wide array of airport transfers at their disposal (from buses and ranks to rails), Stansted airport is many people’s favorite. Not to mention how conveniently close it is to Central London and all of the history-drenched surrounding areas! You can get from Stansted Airport to London in less than 40 min by train.

As for the nearby areas, those that have visited places around Stansted airport, even briefly, admit they left overwhelmed by their culture, history, and attractions of any kind. So, for the adventurous globetrotter, busy business person, or transiting passerby, Stansted is, admittedly, more than just another airport.

If you do have a couple of hours to spare, we will be happy to show you around! The team at London Transfer Minicabs has prepared a small list of attractions to guide you through this amazing location and introduce you to some of its most captivating charms while waiting for your flight, heading to other British landmarks or driving from Stansted airport to London and your comfy hotel room.

From Stansted Airport to London: Places Worth Visiting

Attractions to Visit Nearby Stansted

There are lots of wonderful attractions within a 3-mile radius around Stansted Airport. For example, Mountfitchet Castle (0.9 miles from the airport) is a brilliant place to visit even with a 6-year-old that gets bored easily. The 6-acre grassland with animals that can be hand-fed roaming around (i.e. goats, geese, peacocks, hens, and deer), along with the haunted house and toy museum, are some of the things there that can keep you fascinated for many hours non-end.

The Forgotten Gardens of Easton Lodge (3 miles from the airport) is another beautiful spot off the beaten track and a favourite wedding venue worth visiting. The same applies to Escape Lounge, which is a great place to chill out before your flight while enjoying a good selection of tasty food and drinks away from the crowds.

Now, if you have the time and are willing to travel the 9-mile distance from Stansted Airport to Audrey End, then, by all means, do so. You will definitely be rewarded. The 17th-century country house near Saffron Walden makes a fabulous day out for people that love visiting stately gardens and homes.

The Imperial War Museum in Duxford is on your way from Stansted airport to London and is definitely worth visiting.

Finally, for those into aviation history, the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (15 miles from Stansted Airport and 10 miles from Cambridge) will make a lovely day out. There are lots of military vehicles, tanks, and naval exhibits awaiting to tell their story to history-hungry visitors.

Stansted Airport Transfer Services

If you are landing at Stansted Airport, you are within reach from central London; the end destination of the majority of travellers flying to the UK. You can arrange to have your driver waiting to pick you up at the airport at a designated time and safely take you to from Stansted airport to London (i.e. your hotel room or any other place you need to be), without having to endure long, rush hours or inconvenient and jam-packed means of transportation. Our air-conditioned vehicles are properly maintained, clean, with free Wi-Fi, free baby-seater, and more, to please all tastes and give you the luxury you deserve while travelling.

London Transfer Minicabs runs on a 24/7 (pre-booked only) basis, which means that you can ask for airport transfers any time of the day or night, at superbly reasonable costs. Our friendly, experienced, licensed drivers know UK roads like the back of their hand so rest assured your driver will find the best alternative route if you hit heavy traffic to take you to your destination the soonest, safest, and most comfortable possible.

Kindly note that due to increased booking volume at this time of the year, it is much appreciated if you could contact us, at least, 3 hours before pickup so we can make the best arrangement for you.