Finding a reliable London Minicab service should be the first step for a stressless and pleasant journey.

A London minicab with your own private hire driver may be a better choice for your travel, especially during these times. Do you need an airport transfer, a business trip, or just travel for leisure? Look no further, as London Transfer Minicabs is your reliable London minicab service.

With competitive prices, additional safety measures in place, and professional drivers, our services are of high quality. In addition, our customer service is there for you 24/7, ready to assist and advise. Our clients’ comfort and security are our top priorities.

With so many reviews platforms it is not hard to choose a reliable London minicab service.

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It is most important to choose a London minicab service licensed by Transport for London. Also, pre-booking your trip is more secure, as all the trip details are recorded. You must receive a booking confirmation via email or by phone and also:

  • The name and phone number of the private hire driver
  • The private hire driver’s license number
  • The vehicle registration mark (VRM)

London Transfer Minicabs offers a wide range of saloon cars, estate (wagon) cars, executive vehicles,6-seater MPV’s, and 8-Seater Minibuses.

  • saloon minicabs are the most economical and popular option accommodating up to four passengers with two hand luggage and two suitcases.
  • estate cars accommodate up to four passengers with four hand luggage and four suitcases
  • the multi-purpose vehicle can carry up to 6 passengers with up to 6 cabin bags. Comfortable and spacious, the MPV is your best solution when carrying bulky items or for small groups.
  • executive cars are more comfortable than a saloon car. They are ideal for those who want a more exclusive transfer, combining comfort and luxury.
  • the 8-seater minibus is the perfect solution for groups or if you have lots of luggage.


Book your London minicab bearing in mind that out of the ordinary times ask for complementary safety steps on your trip. After that, let us do the rest for you.

Contact us if you feel the need for additional information regarding your trip.
Please book your taxi with at least 6 hours in advance. You can contact, London Transfer Minicabs by phoneemail,  WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can try our fast and easy booking system.