NEVER Hire Unlicensed Drivers

With technology galloping nowadays, it only makes sense that people use apps for just about everything, including to get a ride from point A to point B. But, how safe is it? You should never hire unlicensed drivers.

Using app-based car-hiring services can end up a very dangerous; so can having a ride from unlicensed drivers that are not under the umbrella of a trusted and reliable company. Never hire unlicensed drivers. And, by “company”, we are talking about fully-licensed and credited companies, where everything is transparent. From exactly who your driver is to how the car is maintained and how much you will pay to be driven from A to B. Using a driver you saw parked outside a pub or restaurant waiting to take customers from one place to another on the cheap can be literally life-threatening, and here is why:

Risks of Hiring Independent Drivers

No Professional Driving Qualifications

Drivers employed by reputed companies are held to certain (high) standards. For instance, depending on where they are based, they may need to show proof of residency, good hygiene, and good health. Needless to say, they should have a valid driver’s license and speak English fluently. That aside, it is important to have a clean criminal record, and complete driving training provided by the company itself (at least, London Transfer Minicabs does). In comparison, drivers that work on their own only need to fulfill one requirement: own a car in working order.

Ineffective Background Check System

Investigations have found numerous cases of drivers with criminal records, from battery and burglary to reckless driving and assault. There have been many cases of passengers that feel a victim of criminals that were performing the duties of a driver.  So, you can understand how dangerous things are when you decide to use an independent driver you happened to see waiting outside a club, offering cheap rides. The moment you enter their car, you instantly put yourself at great risk. You may get a low-cost ride to some place but you may as well end up raped, have your things stolen, ditched in a deserted area, driven to a place other than your destination or worse. The worst part? There is nothing you can do about it (read below).

Safety Concerns

A key consideration is how well vehicles are maintained. Is the car receiving a full service every 12,000 miles, which is the recommended standard by almost all car brands? Does it go through an MOT inspection regularly? What are the driver’s driving habits and how can these affect the condition of the car or the safety of your transfer? Are repairs done on time and by an accredited auto repair shop? You won’t be able to know the answer to any of these questions if you use an independent driver, so never hire unlicensed drivers.

Bottom line, you may find more economical alternatives to airport transfers or car rides but always consider the cost you may be paying. Only trust companies that fully abide by regulations and safety checks that have been created to keep passengers safe, like London Transfer Minicabs.