Minicab- a way of travel

Traveling by minicab in London or using an airport transfer service, has become not a luxury, but a necessity at times.

Either for business or pleasure, there is a wide range of options available out there. Minicab companies offer transfer from/to all ports and airports in the UK, address pick up, cab tours and long distance trips.

In the UK, there are about 120 commercial ports, including the major ones, such as Dover, London Gateway, Felixstowe, Southampton, and Liverpool.

The UK ports industry is the second largest in Europe, with around 500 million tones of cargo handled each year, also with over 60 million international and internal journeys.

In the UK, there are over 40 commercial airports, London alone having 5 airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, and London City.

London Airports Map

London Airports Map

Four of the five major airports in the UK are located in London. It is not surprising, knowing that London is one of the main cities and capitals of the world, and its airports handle millions of passengers each year.

Traveling to a large airport in the Uk has its advantages and disadvantages. Larger airports are more crowded, with more flights to more destinations. For passengers, it means flexibility, which is a very important factor, but it can be demanding. There are also several facilities to larger airports, such as shops, food courts, and lounges.

One of the disadvantages of a larger airport is that they are very busy and this can cause stressful situations. Flight delays are more common in large airports, long queues for just about everything are also a disadvantage. In addition, more time needs to be allowed to the bag drop and check in area.

Busiest Airports of London by total passengers 2017

Busiest Airports of London by total passengers 2017

When you are in a rush, tired or you just want to spoil yourself or your loved ones, traveling in comfort, there are many convenient choices for using a minicab at competitive prices.