The rest of July, London Transfer Minicabs takes you to the theatre!
There are some exciting new openings in the West End and not only, therefore we thought to select 3 for you, will help.

There are outdoors festivals, premieres in cinema, but going to the theatre is different.
The emotion transmitted, the lessons taught by attending a high-quality theatre production, you won’t get that in any other place!

By understanding theatre, we will understand ourselves. It is about creativity, communication, feelings, diversity, and humanity.

Let’s see now what London has for us, theater-wise.

1. King Lear
Available from 17 July 2018
Opens 26 July 2018
Duke of York’s Theatre
45 St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4BG

One of the most recognizable talents of the country, Ian McKellen is taking on stage Shakespeare’s character, King Lear.
The plot is about King Lear, who is gradually losing his sanity as he is dividing the kingdom between his daughters, bringing unfortunate consequences for all.
George Bernard Shaw wrote, “No man will ever write a better tragedy than Lear”.

2. Exit the King
Available from 17 July 2018
Opens 25 July 2018
Olivier Theatre, National
South Bank, London, SE1 9PX

“Exit the King” is an absurdist drama, part of the “Berenger Cycle” by Eugène Ionesco.
In the play, a 400 years old King Berenger is informed that he is dying and the kingdom is disintegrating around him. After possessing various powers, like commanding the nature and making others obey his will, the news of his death seems unacceptable. Marguerite, his first wife, together with his doctor, is trying to make the King accept his imminent death. To the end of the play, as King Berenger the First will come into acceptance, the characters will vanish individually, with Marguerite and the King for the last.

3. Goodnight Mister Tom
Available from 25 July 2018
Opens 31 July 2018
Southwark Playhouse
77-85 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BD

During World War II, Tom Oakley, a lonely resident of Dorset was living a solitary life after losing his wife and child 40 years ago. His life changed when William Beech, a boy from London was evacuated to the countryside into his care during the war. Even with a great age gap, the two bonded straight away into a beautiful friendship. When Will returns to London during Blitz and Tom has no news about him, worried will go to find him. The story is about Willie’s recovery from terrible abuse by his mother, about relationships that have no age and about trust.

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