London to Bath by taxi

The taxi or a chauffeured fancy car is the ultimate travel experience for a day away.

If you want to travel from London to Bath by taxi, your journey is going to take about 2 hours, traffic depending.

As much as we love the vibrant capital, we all need a city break sometimes, at least for a day. Bath is a perfect destination and doesn’t require a plane ticket. For a dramatic change of scenery, visit this old city.

Bath is the largest city in Somerset County and is famous for its Roman baths. Since 1987, the city is a World Heritage Site.

Yearly, Bath has over one million staying visitors and about 4 million day visitors. With a renowned spa, various museums, and two universities, you definitely won’t get bored.

Make sure to visit The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, admire The Circus and The Royal Crescent. Stop by The Museum of Bath Architecture and The Victoria Art Gallery. If time permits, walk along the Avon river and get your taxi to a luxurious spa.

Leaving from London to Bath in your own chauffeured vehicle, plan ahead some sightseeing. There is much to see on your way, with the likes of Windsor and Stonehenge.

One day is not enough, but if you have more time available, explore the Windsor Castle, The Queen’s official residence. Admire unique paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt.

Stonehenge dates back to 5000 years and has been the subject of many theories. Explore this magnificent monument and decide for yourself its purpose.

Arriving in Bath, leave your taxi and start walking, as everything you need to see is all packed in a compact area.

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