London Taxi 

 When new in the city, London taxi may be quite useful, with such a big number of apps and online booking systems.

Either for a private transfer or for a taxicab tour, the services of London taxi supply a large number of options.

There are 2 forms of taxi/ minicab vehicles that you just will safely book once in London. The well-known black cabs conjointly called Hackney Carriages and therefore the minicabs with a commissioned driver.

Total licensed taxis and PHVs in London 2005-2018

Total licensed taxis and PHVs in London 2005-2018

The distinction between the 2 isn’t solely the value. The minicabs should be pre-booked ahead by phone, via the website, by email or in a minicab office center. They can’t be hailed off the road, because it is against the law. Some taxicab firms are using an ASAP system, whereas others need longer for bookings.

The black cabs, or taxi, may be stopped on the road with no requirement of the previous booking. The costs are rather higher, however, the drivers need to pass “The Knowledge”, a quite demanding test. There are presently around twenty-one thousand black cabs in London, commissioned by Public Carriage Office. Another advantage of the Black Cabs is that they possess card machines, thence if you have got no money on, you’ll be able to use a debit or credit card.

For each black cabs and minicabs, the simplest you’ll do for your safety is prebook. In this manner, the information on your booking is securely kept.

The booking confirmation for your London Taxi ought to contain a minimum of:

• The vehicle’s registration mark
• The name of the chauffeur
• The driver’s registration number

Find a London taxi and begin exploring the sophisticated capital. The colorful markets, the enduring monuments, and the distinguished retailers are looking forward to meeting you