Cabs near me

Cabs near me is a good way to search for a taxi online.

When I choose to spoil myself to a black cab, searching on google cabs near me would do the job.

Even if the minicabs or the world-renowned Uber have their advantages, as great prices or luxurious cars, sometimes a black cab can fit better. Going to the theater or to opera in a black cab is quite stylish and more elegant than a common unmarked car.

Black cabs, also known as Hackney Carriages, can be of any color, but most of them are black, for being easily recognizable.
The first documented Hackney carriage operated in London in 1621. It was a horse-drawn carriage. The horses were supplied by a village called Hackney(now part of London), therefore the name.

Total taxis licensed by region in England 2018

In 1897 were being produced the first electric Hackney carriages. Before the introduction of the internal combustion engine to vehicles for hire appeared. The last horse-drawn model disappeared from the streets of London in 1947, being replaced by cars. Visiting Windsor, you will be surprised discovering on the streets the last operating horse-drawn carriages in the UK

Unlike the private hire vehicles, the black cabs can be hailed on the street, as well as prebooked.
The drivers have to study for 2-4 years to pass a test called “The Knowledge”, in order to get the license.
My friend always asks me if I can find cabs near me, but I prefer to prebook. It is the safest option available.

Private Hire

If you are not a fancy person and a regular, unmarked car would do just fine, the private hire vehicles are made for you. 

It is easy to book a minicab in advance and as soon as you need it. You can do so online, via email, or by phone. Most of the companies on the market accept debit cards, credit cards, and even cash. Once you are done with your booking, make sure you get the details of the driver, as well as of the vehicle.

What is your favorite way of traveling when in London