Using minicab services

There are several modes of transportation available in London city for travelers. Using minicab services is one of the most convenient ones.

The beautiful British capital has 5 major airports, such as the Heathrow, London City Airport, Luton, Stansted, and Gatwick offering flights to international destinations. Among the various means of transport, you could opt for when either heading to the airport or arriving, using minicab services comes with a wealth of benefits.

Most Common Issues When Flying to and/or From London

If you have decided to live the unique experience only London can offer you, then we suggest you plan your journey ahead, especially if you are planning to visit the numerous historical cities London is mostly famous for, among others. Nevertheless, instead of having to compare fares, calculate the distances you will be covering, and trying to figure out which mode of transportation will provide you the most convenient, comfortable, and safest drive from the airport to your hotel room, you can leave all the dirty work to experienced professional drivers that will make all the calls on your behalf, always with your best interest in mind.

How many times have you been forced to contend with great distress, especially when traveling with children or elderly people, because you could not find a reliable and cheap means of transport to take you where you wanted to go? Or rushing to catch a bus with half a dozen of handbags only to find yourself exhausted and tired after a short whileDo you recall feeling nervous and frustrated after having to pay a whole lot more than what you have been told in the first place? Besides inconsistent fares, though, you will also rarely find child seats to ensure your offspring have a safe drive, or 24/7 customer support to assist you, should you need any kind of help.

You could easily have turned things around if you only pre-booked private hire minicab! Using minicab services booked in advance is highly recommended!

Why sweat over it, if you can avoid it, right?

Why Choose Minicabs?


  • They are much cheaper than other options as they come with fixed pricing.

  • You have the option to choose the type of vehicle that best suits your needs.

  • You know the vehicle that will pick you up from the airport or your hotel will be well maintained and safe to drive everywhere you need to go.

  • If you are accompanied with excess luggage, booking a minicab makes more economic sense. The same applies to when you are traveling as a large group.

  • You can pre-pay your minicab and save yourself the trouble of searching cash machines.

  • Minicabs give you easy airport drop off and pick up in London for a reliable and affordable airport transfer.

  • You are provided with a worry-free experience; all you need to do is simply get off the plane and jump into your hired vehicle. The experienced driver will find the most suitable and fastest route to avoid heavy traffic.

Why London Transfer Minicabs

  • Our fares are particularly competitive, with no hidden charges. You can also avoid last-minute hassles by prepaying for the journey.

  • Our robust process allows our customers access to a seamless journey and travel with maximum comfort and minimal effort.

  • Our customers can make use of unique benefits like flight monitoring and meet & greet services.

  • Child seats, reporting of drivers at meeting points, and stop-overs can also be included upon request.

  • Booking is very easy and can be made either through a phone call or online on a 24/7 basis.

  • We provide helpdesk support around the clock so our customers can contact us directly at any given time. Our operators are there to help tirelessly with your queries, questions, clarifications or issues.

  • Payment is made through secured and safe online payment portals.

Our sole purpose of existence is to make sure you are provided with the smoothest airport transfer possible. Once you have traveled with us, you will know that you and your loved ones are in safe hands; hands that can help give you the London experience you deserve.