Booking Airport Transfers Early is also important. From hotels to flights, booking early will decidedly get you the best deal. When scheduled flights and hotels approach capacity, the demand increases, which, in turns, pushes prices up.

It can be particularly difficult to find a nice hotel to stay or even a flight to bring you here during peak seasons like Christmas and the summer holidays. What is more, hotels and airlines stop releasing discounted rates when the demand runs high or seats are taken respectively. This means that you will have to pay their full fare, unless, of course, you make your bookings early. Booking airport transfers early, you make sure you secure your rides.

How Booking Airport Transfers Early is early enough?

Depends on how much in demand the hotel you want to stay in is, or the flight route you want to take. Your travel options and holidays can be booked up to 12 months in advance just to have peace of mind and be sure that you won’t need to face a hefty fee or even worse, be left out of your flight due to lack of availability.

However, the exact same thing applies to more things than just your accommodation and flight. Another equally important aspect of traveling is your airport transfer. Booking early can come with a great array of benefits too (and lots of savings too!). To be able to enjoy your journey and a superb visit in London, it is important to take care of every little detail, including the way you will get to your hotel room after your plane lands.

Time is of the essence, whether you are making a connection or traveling from or to the airport. By booking an airport transfer service provider at the last minute, you run the risk of not finding an available driver to handle your transfer or enduring unnecessary traffic delays. Although everybody at London Transfer Minicabs tries their absolute best to meet all our client’s requirements, even last-minute enquiries, it is always best to give us some time to organize your airport transfer the best possible way.

That aside, booking early with us will also get you a nice deal as we offer a discount on advanced booking!

The next question after whether early airport transfer booking comes with added benefits is how to recognize your driver.

How to Find Your Airport Transfer Driver?

Nothing to worry about when booking airport transfers early. As soon as you make the booking, our system sends you all the information you will need via email. But, since not all customers check their email frequently enough to get hold of these details, here is the drill.

Step #1: You make the booking. Please make sure you provide us with the right date, time, and flight information.

Step #2: The information is held in a time and date format and dispatched to the driver that will be assigned to pick you up from the airport. Based on the details you have given us, our experts will work out the distances and times required so that the driver can comfortably make all the journeys that are scheduled for that same day. This is another reason why it is critical to have the correct information about your airport transfer minicab.

Step #3: Your driver checks the flight landing time and will either send you an SMS/text to your cell phone or wait for you at the arrivals hall at around 30 minutes after landing, with a signboard that has your name written on it.

London Transfer Minicabs rewards customers that book their minicab in advance with a generous discount. Contact us to find out more about the deals you can get from an early booking or ask for a quote using our online platform!