As we are moving fast forward towards the heart of June, what better place to be than right by the river? The festivities have already started there since June 1st, but the weather this week is just perfect to take your loved one or family to Summer by the River festival. For the next three months, you will have the chance to join the largest free outdoor festival in London and watch the beautiful London Bridge City area (from London Bridge Pier to The Scoop) transform into a gorgeous country garden.


Fancy open-air movie-watching?

Besides stunning views of the Thames River and the surroundings of Tower Bridge, Summer by the River will also include family days, a variety of street food vendors, lots of music, live comedy, and big screen sporting events (and films, of course).

Image from: Where is the Nomad

Speaking of films, how would you feel about enjoying both new and some old-time classics under the stars? In case you are all in, head to Nomad Cinema that roams back to the capital. In various locations across London, the travelling outdoor cinema will give a romantic, almost nostalgic, note to your evenings. This weekend, watch Four Weddings and a Funeral at Paddington Street Gardens.


Play Bingo….the Lady Gaga Style!

Playing bingo is a favourite pastime among the Brits. But, what if we told you that this bingo is like nothing you have ever experienced before? Starting this Friday and for the next 11 Fridays, the Lady Gaga Bottomless Bingo will be hosted at Rascals restaurant in Shoreditch – you know, the arty area next to hip Hoxton neighbourhood, with the fashionable bars and clubs and the eclectic dining scene.

Expect a game show extravaganza, booze (even bottomless Prosecco or margaritas depending on the type of ticket you buy), plenty of Californian food (see guacamole and cheeseburger spring rolls) and lots of fun. Just be there before 8:30 pm!


Watch the World Cup… the Zlatan Way!

The Russia World Cup 2018 is the talk of the town this month, especially now that the Zlatans pop-up is showing all the big games on a massive screen with cinematic sound. So, go to Infernos nightclub (Clapham) this Sunday the 17th of June and catch the nail-biting match between giants Brazil and Switzerland. The electric, stadium-like atmosphere, football-themed décor, trumpets, terrace, and guaranteed seating will provide the rocking vibe deserving the world-famous former Manchester United forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Grab your ticket the soonest possible (ticket-only event) and throw yourself to some good old football sing-a-longs!

Image from: This is Clapham

Go for a Train Ride with Murder Express

Starting tomorrow (12th June) and in various other dates, the all-new-and-shiny Murder Express will be ready to take you back to the early 1900s. The first historic journey will be epic and offer you a luxury ride worth trying. Reach the recently opened Pedley Street Station and relish a voyage that will also include dishes prepared by Billy and Jack (BBC MasterChef 2016 finalists) and drinks from the Seven Sins platform bar! Superb activity for families too (just like The Big London Bake festival that starts June 13 and promises unforgettable baking fun!).

Image from: Affinity Mag

Enjoy your week! And, if you need a ride, we are always here! Send us a message and we will make sure you get everywhere you want fast, with due comfort, luxury, and safety!