Can I book a cab in advance? 

 You can book a cab in advance and it is actually recommended for many reasons that we will present below. 

 Please follow the few easy steps on our booking form and you can book a cab in advance 

 After completing the date and time for your journey, choose the desired pick up point under “Pick up address”. You can then select your destination under “Destination address”. After adding your contact details and choosing the type of vehicle required, you can pre-book a cab even with 6 months in advance to up to three hours before the trip. 

 Booking a taxi in advance it saves you money, time and lots of worries, also you have more time to customize your trip. 

 The best time to get things done is when you are not in hurry. To book a cab in advance is great to be stress-free and value all the options available. 

 Here, at London Transfer Minicabs, we offer you a wide range of Saloon Cars, MPVs, Executive Vehicles, and 8 Seater Minibuses. 

 The saloon minicabs are the most economical and popular option. They are a great mean of transport that can cover your daily travel needs. A saloon car can accommodate up to four passengers with two hand luggage and two suitcases. 

 The multi-purpose vehicle can carry up to 6 passengers with up to 6 cabin bags. Comfortable and spacious, the MPV is your best solution when carrying bulky items or for small groups. 

 Executive cars are usually larger than a saloon car. They are ideal for those who want a more exclusive transfer, combining comfort and luxury. 

 The 8 seater minibus is the perfect solution for your visit with a large group of friends or family members. 

 Any travel requirements you may have, give us a call or you can book a cab in advance.